2016 Speakers

“Women are natural nurturers and empathic givers. It is vital for them to receive and be nourished as continual giving out ends in depletion, an increasingly common health problem. Women instinctually know how to nourish each other, and just being with each other is restorative.”
— UpliftConnect.com/WhyWomenNeedATribe


TOPIC:  “Let life happen”
Expectations are creativity killers. Let’s open our my mind and be aware of what life can bring us so we can create meaningful images and have a meaningful life.

instagram: @citlallirico and @citlalliricophotography

website: http://www.citlallirico.com/

"I am a Mexican photographer passionate about green leaves, visual arts and constant learning. I have been a wedding photographer for 10 years and sharing my experiences for 7 years everywhere I’ve been called to. I truly believe we, as photographers, have the mission of capturing meaningful images for us and others."


TOPIC: Establish boundaries to create a healthier life

Kym is the founder and co-coordinator of NINE. She has been married to her husband for 15 years and they have a 9 year old son. She is an international wedding photographer, passionate about working with kind, loving couples around the world. She has always had an unshakable pull to gather women in safe and uplifting spaces.


"I’m deeply concerned about the number of women burning themselves out today: women with or without children; it doesn’t matter. So many of us are trying 'to be everything to everyone' and we can’t sustain that forever. It can lead to fatigue, depression, comparison and loneliness. 
Something that I have mentored women with, in the past, is trying to find the “balance”. I’m the first to recognize that there’s no answer to a perfect balance. But having an outsider help you evaluate all that you are responsible for, all that you have taken on, all that you are anxious about, all that you’re afraid to try and all that you dream of doing is invaluable. It’s hard to do alone. At NINE, these are the things we address. We want women to arrive with honesty, humility, openness and the willingness to hear truth and solutions."

instagram: @kymventola

website: kymventola.com


TOPIC:  Human Connection in Business and Marketing - Selling yourself by stepping into the shoes of your ideal clients and speaking to their real needs (and dreams and fears and experience and assumptions).

Christy is a creative consultant for artists and entrepreneurs who thrives on turning ideas and dreams into actionable, achievable steps. Starting her wedding industry career in 2001 as a photographer, she went on to co-found JunebugWeddings.com in 2006, and acted as its Executive Editor until selling the company to investors in 2014. Today, her consulting company Action & Co. helps small businesses of all kinds thrive through effective websites and marketing materials that highlight each brand’s distinctive voice and connect with their ideal clientele.

instagram: @christyweber

website: http://actionandco.com/


TOPIC: How to tackle life and incorporate health and wellness into a busy schedule

She'll share/teach:

  • tips on how to balance a world of motherhood, wife duties, a full time #girlboss career, and all the other things in life.

  • the struggles she's gone through as a mother & wife and how taking care of her health & wellness....things that really allowed her to center her life goals and tackle it all like a MOFO.

  •  a 30 minute workout that she loves doing. Bring workout clothes, good energy, & a great attitude. We’re about to get real and raw with JO!

"I’m a fun loving career mother of two. My fitness journey wasn’’t just a road to get into shape physically, but mentally too. I’m ’a woman who knows that the key to success doesn’’t come without a little struggle. I’m fueled by the desire to encourage others and am extremely passionate about sharing my journey in hopes to inspire others to find their inner strength and self worth.
I have always struggled with my self image. Becoming a mother at 21 was hard for me. In some ways I felt “robbed” of my childhood and my “youth”. Not because I couldn’t enjoy living like a 21 year old’s life, but because my body had changed dramatically after being pregnant and since that happened I slowly began to hate my self image. I’ve always struggled getting into shape and focusing a life around my health. I began having low opinions of myself, which I believed for the longest time was modesty, until it became a form of self hate that quickly turned into a form of self destruction and depression."

instagram: @gofitjo

website: http://www.gofitjo.com/


energy life coach, mom of four.

BE PREPARED: for an Energy Clearing Session and to have Chalyce change your life. We're not kidding.

Hundreds of people have flown to her home in Utah seeking healing. She has a gift to see & heal what others cannot.

Chalyce will be our very first speaker & healer of our retreat. She will also be available for one-on-one energy clearing work throughout the following days. There will be limited spots and are an additional fee. No doubt, these spots will go fast.


  • Creating an expanded awareness of self.
  • Know your Powers....The power of your words, your silence, your mind, your body language and your body itself. 
  • Understanding Universal Laws....Law of Attraction, Law of Reciprocity and Law of Abundance
  • Unblocking....blocked self expression, blocked creativity and blocked self love.


TOPIC: Identifying your strengths (and the strengths of your employees or team, if you have one!) 

"Being aware of your strengths gives you greater confidence in yourself, and your abilities, leading to a better understanding and more success in personal and work relationships. Identifying your strengths in life can be a powerful thing, an absolute super power!"

Georganne Bryant opened Frances Boutique, affectionately named after her grandmother, in the heart of midtown Phoenix, Arizona in 2006. She personally curates Frances’ revered blend of unique clothing, jewelry, paper goods and handmade gifts. Georganne is dedicated to collaborations with other local businesses to enrich the Phoenix community. The award winning annual craft fair, “Frances Crafeteria” has showcased hundreds of independent Arizona crafters and artists. With a loyal following, Frances has been voted “Best Boutique” by Phoenix New Times since 2006. Georganne is also the co-creator of the Phoenix Small Wonders Map, a free guide to local dining and shopping. For her work in the community she was listed by Arizona Foothills Magazine as one of the “Ten Women Who Move The Valley” in 2012. The Frances family shares Georganne’s passion for creating a special shopping experience and encouragement of the creative community in Phoenix.

instagram: @francesvintage and @georganneb

website: http://francesvintage.com/


TOPIC:  Exploring the Wild Woman Archetype

Reg is honored to help attendees and fellow speakers re-discover their untamed spirit while unlocking the connection to their deepest intuition in her talk on the Wild Woman Archetype. We will revel in dirt and mud, play with the art of self-expression, and maybe even howl at the moon! All within a sacred space of divinely feminine support and joyous reverence. 


"I'm a mom to 5 unharnessed and deeply sentient little boys (all under the age of 9), a photographer, writer, director, storyteller, yogini, student of depth psychology, recovering perfectionist, seeker of soul
who prefers
slow over fast, red over white, oceans over mountains, consciousness over societal norms, crone wisdom over lecture halls, Whitney over Madonna, handstands over grandstands, dirty chai over drip, truth over validation, face time over phone time, and anything that illuminates. I am learning to shake fear, remain freakishly ok with profanity, and have seen 1, 3 and 5 am more than I'd like. Side note, I happen to love sunrises."



  •  Be Brave, Be Connected, Be Authentic towards Happiness
  • Compassionate Communication: incredibly helpful in your workplace (employees, clients and customers) and at home (partners, children, extended family members, etc)
  • Dr. Masarie will go in depth, using real-life experiences for situations at home and at work



Kathy Masarie, M.D., is a sought-after national speaker and facilitator specializing in empowering adults with communication and advocacy tools.

Since her publication, Raising Our DaughtersRaising Our Sons, and Face to Face: Cultivating Kids’ Social Lives in the Digital World Parenting Guides have provided parents, school professionals and other caring adults with powerful vehicles for learning, self-discovery, networking and connecting with kids and other adults. These Guides respond to parents’ critical needs to facilitate honest and authentic communication, to support their children, and to build family-friendly communities. This can also be incredibly helpful to those that have employees and are looking for more effective and healthier ways to communicate.

website: http://www.family-empower.com/

BOOKS by Dr. Masarie:


TOPIC:   Control. How it manifests in our inner world and translates externally. How can we can actively understand where the "need" stems from and in turn celebrate the root of it.

Her soulmate is the Ocean. Her lover is named Chianti. And, she is inspired with food + literature by her forever best friends, Julia + Joan. Spending her adult life in New England she is adjusting to the change of Desert living as a photographer who was often found at the sea collecting beach wood. Nowadays, she is nesting in her tudor homestead as she renovates it back to its 1928 glory and using it has her perpetual background for most photo shoots.


instagram: @sfawnd and @fawndeviney

website: http://fawndeviney.com/

COORDINATOR OF NINE (and she's speaking the last day!)


This is Kimberly's second year of coordinating NINE Retreat. 

On top of coordinating many details of NINE, she runs our Instagram and Facebook accounts and will be there at the retreat to make sure we're all taken care of!

Kimberly is a wife and mom (her son is 2) and lives in Goodyear, Arizona.

She's also the studio manager for Kym Ventola Photography.