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Alana Vizzard, #nineretreat2016 attendee

Alana Vizzard, #nineretreat2016 attendee

NINE is easily the best investment I will have ever made for myself and my career. I’m eternally grateful for the transformative experience and for the sisters I’ve never had. I came to NINE with intentions of placing myself outside of my comfort zone and to better learn about myself. I came home with so much more than just that. NINE gave me the tools to transform my belief system and let go of what no longer serves me. I became vigilant of the energy in and around me. NINE is the catalyst of my healing process and bringing my voice to light. NINE is a safe place for women to heal, restore and grow personally and creatively alongside a sisterhood of empathetic, loving, supportive, inspiring, badass women.
— Alana Vizzard

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